This day in Michael Jordan History: 4/16/87

Oh it was amazing watching those MJ-Nique battles when both could jump out of the gym because not only were you going to see them bring out the best in each other, you were going to see an aerial display of epic proportions. On this day in 1987, MJ would become the only player other than Wilt to score 3000 points in a season with a 61 point outburst again Nique’s Hawks (on 22-38 (58%) shooting with 10 boards and 4 steals). This was the end of a three game streak where MJ scored 53, 50, and 61 in a row against tough playoff rivals to end the season. Actually, he had one more game to keep the streak alive but MJ figured it was more important to rest half the last game instead of dumping personal points since Bird’s legendary Celtics were coming in the first round. It should be noted that Nique, who dropped 57 against the Bulls earlier that year, probably motivated MJ a tad here. Thanks to Jordanhair for this vid – I also have this vid up on my YouTube channel but Jordanhair’s is more complete with better quality.


One Response to “This day in Michael Jordan History: 4/16/87”

  1. I was only 2 years old at this time, I really wish I saw MJ this early in his career.

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