Looks like Lebron has his Third MVP, but can the Heat Win?

The ending of the season is as exciting as the playoffs since you see teams step it up as they jockey for playoff position. You can also see who has the desire to take it to the next level or fade away. Now that the end is near, it seems to be clear that Lebron James has his third MVP locked up. With his recent 17 point explosion to close out the Nets, dominant stats and ability to raise his game without Wade, James has added an exclamation point to his already stellar year.

The MVP is usually reserved for the best player on the best team and aside from Lebron, only Kevin Durant has the numbers and an elite team to potentially steal the award. The Thunder and the Heat basically have the same win-loss record right now but Durant has been a bit inconsistent the past few games. There is still time for him to close out the season on a higher note than Lebron but time is running out.

As for Lebron, his overall numbers were rivaling Michael Jordan’s best statistical seasons for much of the year. Furthermore, he has flourished during Wade’s absence – which begs to ask, does the Heat even need Wade? But let’s look at some impressive numbers for Lebron at the moment:

#1 in win shares (13.56)
#1 in player efficiency (30.47)
#3 in scoring avg. (27.1ppg)
#10 in defensive rtg. (98.14)
*shooting career high in fg% (52.9%)
*highest fg% amongst top ten scoring leaders

That’s pretty outstanding stuff and even if Durant goes on a tear, Lebron’s defense still has to give him the edge. Forget ESPN who pumps up Lebron so much it can be irritating. Lebron truly is the best overall pick right now and the game’s best overall player. His superior athleticism, consistency, 2-way domination, and ability to play a complete game separates him from the pack.

But does that mean the Heat can win it all? That’s a more difficult question to answer since Lebron and the Heat have weaknesses, but, it is a question I will try to tackle tomorrow or in the next few days.


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