Kobe on Verge of Winning his 3rd Scoring Title and Joining Exclusive Club

The season end is near and although there is a tight battle for the scoring crown this year between Kobe (28.1ppg), and Durant (27.8ppg), I just don’t think Kobe is going to let his 3rd scoring title slip through his hands. This is most likely his last chance ever at winning this crown again so I expect Kobe to battle this one out if he has to.

That being said, should he go on to win his 3rd scoring crown, he would join an exclusive club: The Age 30+ Scoring Champion Club. As of right now, the only members are MJ and Jerry West. Here’s how Kobe will stack up should he become a member:


Age 30+ Scoring Champ Club 

1) Michael Jordan   Age 35,   28.7ppg,    46.5%fg

2) Michael Jordan   Age 34,   29.6ppg,    48.6%fg

3) Michael Jordan   Age 33 ,  30.4ppg,    49.5%fg

4)* Kobe Bryant       Age 33,   28.1ppg,    43.0%fg

5) Jerry West         Age 31,   31.2ppg,    49.7%fg

6) Michael Jordan   Age 30,   32.6ppg,    49.5%fg


It’s likely that MJ probably would have been a member of this club three more times at ages 31, 32, and 36 had he not retired several times in his prime. But, still not too shabby.

Although Kobe overshot his way here in an Iversonian style at 43%fg; needing a whopping 3.8 shots more per game than Durant to score a mere 0.3 more, he still put up some decent scoring streaks considering his age, nagging injuries, and new system. So given the shortened 66 game season, here’s a half-hearted, muted applause for possibly winning scoring title #3 and joining MJ and West.

Should Kobe win, he also moves up a notch and ties several players who have 3 scoring titles on the all time list:


Most Scoring Titles List 

1) Michael Jordan       10 scoring titles

2) Wilt Chamberlain    7 scoring titles

3) George Gervin        4 scoring titles

4) Allen Iverson          4 scoring titles

5) Julius Erving            3 scoring titles (ABA)

5) Neil Johnston          3 scoring titles

5) Bob McAdoo            3 scoring titles

5) George Mikan          3 scoring titles

5)* Kobe Bryant            3 scoring titles


**UPDATE: Kobe Bryant has conceded the scoring title to Kevin Durant.


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