Baron Davis Brings Back Horror of Bernard King’s Injury

When Baron Davis crumbled to the floor during the Knicks-Heat series, it instantly brought back memories of Bernard King going down in the 1985 season with the Knicks. King’s injury was more hurtful in that he was in his absolute prime coming off a 33ppg at 53% season, but Davis’ injury is so severe that this may be the end of his career. Ironically, I always thought Davis was a shorter version of Bernard King in terms of body type and natural scoring abilities so it’s sad to see the two also hurt by similar tragedies. Although King was able to come back years later and still reach 28ppg, he was never the same player and we were robbed of many years where he could have challenged Big Mike for the scoring title.

Let’s hope Davis is able to come back and at least play one more time so he can go out on his own terms. You never want to see an athlete, especially one of the most exciting point guards of his time, go out like that. Davis has probably been one of the most underrated players and his nagging injuries before this devastating one has robbed us of how talented he truly is. Although he is 33, let’s hope there’s still time left for him. Cheers to Davis for a great career and hopefully, one that is going to continue. Thanks Baron for being a true professional.

Also, here’s hoping all the other serious injuries to Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, Ricky Rubio, and Joakim Noah heal quickly. Luckily, they have lesser injuries than Baron and also have youth on their side. You never want to see teams lose their best players for any reason because as fans, you always want to see the best at their best.


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