I was an avid baseball fan as a kid when I discovered the game of basketball around age 7. The year was 1980 and Bernard King was the King – at least in my book. King would soon come to my hometown NY Knicks and life was great watching him with his pure scoring game. But then, an unknown kid named Mike Jordan made his UNC freshman debut on TV and my life as a sports fan was never the same again. I was 9 years old, and there was a gut feeling that this new guy was the greatest – better than anyone I was watching in the NBA – better than King and Magic. It was a raw ability to do things no one else could that made me feel that way. It was perhaps that he was the best physically equipped and coordinated person to play the game that caught my eye – even at that young age. I remember thinking, this guy is just different. And from thereon, I was hooked more than ever on basketball and followed it relentlessly. I read as many books on the history of the game as I could and taped any games of importance from the 80s until today. Decades later, MJ would become the greatest athlete of all time and confirm the notions I had as a child. And thanks to YouTube, I was able to create the first and most complete tribute to MJ’s career with all the great games I had in my collection.

My appreciation for the game comes from the tremendous skill and team balance it takes to play the game greatly. It’s a game that can be viewed through many lenses and one can never stop learning its nuances. Although MJ mastered the game, the different types of skills and evolution of the game displayed by all those who have come afterward (and before) make the game as exciting as ever. I try to appreciate the best in all players because they are who make up the game. I believe basketball is the greatest sport and because of that, this blog exists.

It is my quest to continue finding rare videos for my Youtube channel and to grow this blog as best as I can. Please donate so you can be a part of this journey. If you’d like to send me a message, please email me at: hoopsencyclopedia@yahoo.com.



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  1. I’ve been an avid follower of your youtube channel for five years now. I am so happy to learn that you’ve started this blog! It’s great to know someone can look at the game with an intelligent eye. Thank you!

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