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  1. Hi,

    This may be a bad memory, but I’m trying to find video of a play I remember Michael Jordan making. As I recall, he was whistled for an offensive foul and immediately turned to the ref and started arguing the call. While doing this he threw up a no look shot with one hand that went in. The crowd went “oooooh,” as people audibly gasped in disbelief. Do you remember a play like this? I’ve found video of no look shots after the whistle against the lakers and the pistons (I think) but his back was to the basket, he was nearer to the center of the court than I remember, and he wasn’t talking to the ref. The way I remember it he was looking over one shoulder away from the basket towards the ref and shot the ball with the opposite hand.

  2. I’ve seen several crazy shots like this with MJ. I have one near the ending of my Artistry II video. Hope that one is the one you are talking about. But I’ve seen several where he gets the ball in from deep near the 3-point line as well so it could be one of those as well.

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